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You’re invited to join our FIT Pro Development Community. Receive fast answers to your questions; get peer support for any challenge you're facing; and get help troubleshooting your unique challenges.

What We’re All About

You’re invited to take control of your learning path by joining our community. Since our founding, we’ve strived to create the perfect virtual learning experience for all our users. Using an educational format designed to help highlight both your strengths and weaknesses, to identify what you've learned well and where you can learn a little bit more.​


There’re not only materials to read, engaging lectures and demonstrations to watch, you're also going to be collaborating with peers from around the world as you move through these lessons. Catering to multiple levels of interest, you can watch videos and take the quiz to test your knowledge or go deep and engage in all the recommended activities.  ​

Learn the latest advancements in Feedback-Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice in a private FIT Pro Development Community with unlimited live support.

- FIT Pro Development -

Your monthly membership includes:

  • Feedback-Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice Training

  • Proven FIT Practitioner Development Activities & Exercises

  • Videos of FIT Best Practice Demonstrations

  • FIT Implementation videos and guides

  • Exclusive Interviews with experts on how to use the FIT software systems 

  • Unlimited Access to Live support from ICCE Trainer, Cindy Hansen 

  • Access to a Private FIT Pro Development Community

  • Free Public or Members only listing on the Effective Therapist Directory 

  • Digital badges for ICCE certified FIT Trainers and Practitioners 

  • Save money on FIT and Deliberate Practice tools, books and events

picture of the FIT Pro community development  app

- FIT Pro Development Community -

ICCE Certified Trainers, Practitioners & Students 
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Membership Options

Our secure checkout process accepts all major credit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal, ensuring your payments are secure and protected. Choose the FIT Pro membership option that is right for you.  

FIT Pro Development

$10.00 Monthly 

Tailored lessons and group activities to improve FIT Skills

 7-day Free Trial

FIT Pro for a Year

$99.00 per year

Switch to annual payment, and save

 7-Day Free Trial

FIT Pro Founder

Includes a featured Profile in the Effective Therapist Directory. Only 10 er Country. 

One time purchase of $888.00

Effective Therapist 


Promote your practice and connect with peers  through the Effective Therapist Directory. Profiles in the Effective Therapist Directory include everything you would expect, plus standardized ICCE reporting metrics, the ones that are easiest for potential clients to appraise: Number of Clients, Average Number of Sessions, Pre-Post Effect Size and % of Clients Reaching Target.

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