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Testimonials are great, but what does the real world data say? 

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The Effective Therapist Directory 

Introducing an international registry of feedback informed mental health practitioners and service providers who use practice-based evidence to inform their work.


The directory listing is free for all site members and includes a section to report measures of  effectiveness based on International Center for Clinical Excellence Standards.

Who is listed in the registry?

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What makes the Effective Therapist Directory different from other therapist directories?

The Effective Therapist Directory is different from other therapist directories in several ways.


Firstly, it focuses on therapists who use practice-based evidence (PBE) to track their performance. PBE involves collecting data from clients and using that information to improve treatment outcomes. This means that therapists listed on the directory are committed to continuously improving their skills and techniques based on client feedback. 


The directory includes therapists from all over the world. To be listed they need to provide practice-based evidence on their profile, using metrics based on International Center for Clinical Excellence reporting standards. 


Why is practice-based evidence important?

Practice-based evidence is important because it focuses on the outcomes of therapy in real-world settings, rather than relying solely on research studies conducted in controlled environments.


It allows therapists to track and measure their effectiveness with their individual clients, using data from their own sessions to guide their treatment approach and adjust as needed. Practice-based evidence can also help identify which therapeutic approaches are most effective for certain populations or specific mental health concerns, leading to more tailored and successful treatment plans.


By using practice-based evidence, therapists can ensure that they are providing the best possible care to their clients, and clients can feel confident in their therapist's ability to help them achieve positive outcomes.

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How can I be sure that the therapists on the Effective Therapist Directory are qualified?

Therapists in the directory use the Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) approach to therapy.


Studies have shown that people seeking mental health support have better outcomes when they get to talk about what is important to them. FIT practitioners check into this every session and use a session rating scale to help keep therapy on track.


FIT mental health service professionals regularly track their clients' progress and review reports based on recognized measures of treatment effectiveness. This is called practice-based evidence of their effectiveness.  

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Why should I trust the Effective Therapist Directory over other therapist directories?

The Effective Therapist Directory was founded by Cindy Hansen, a person who's lifework has been dedicated to the advancement of outcome informed care. This means that you can trust that the directory is not just a business, but a mission-driven organization that is committed to making a positive impact on the mental health field.


The directory is constantly updated to ensure that all therapists listed are actively practicing and using practice-based evidence in their work. This means that users can trust that the information on the directory is current and accurate.

To be listed they need to provide practice-based evidence on their profile, using metrics based on International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) reporting standards. 

These include: 

Number of Clients

The number of people they have met with in their current position. For practice based evidence to be reliable this number should be greater than 40.

Average Number of Sessions

The average number of times they met each person. This gives you an idea of how many sessions will likely be required.

Pre-Post Effect Size

A measure of reliable improvement from the first visit to the last. The standard for almost all recognized therapy practices is 0.8.

% of Clients Reaching Target

The percent of people who reached the predicted target score. Reaching service target is an indicator treatment was effective. 

Effective Therapist 

Are you a talk therapy Professional?


The Effective Therapist Directory promotes practice-based evidence. 


Promote your practice and connect with peers  through the Effective Therapist Directory. 

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