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Feedback-Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice Training

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Since 2007, Cindy Hansen, CFT has been committed to helping agencies and individuals around the world develop a more feedback-informed approach to care.  Whether you want to hone your existing skills or learn something completely new, can provide the guidance and support you need to succeed. 

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Your monthly membership includes:

  • Feedback-Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice Training

  • Proven FIT Practitioner Development Activities & Exercises

  • Videos of FIT Best Practice Demonstrations

  • FIT and MBC Implementation videos and guides

  • Exclusive Interviews with experts on how to use the FIT tools 

  • Unlimited Access to Live support from ICCE Trainer, Cindy Hansen 

  • Access to a Private FIT Pro Development Community

  • Free Public listing on the Effective Therapist Directory 

  • Digital credentials for ICCE certified FIT Trainers and Practitioners 

  • Savings on FIT and Deliberate Practice tools, books and events

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The Effective Therapist Directory promotes practice-based evidence.


Profiles in the Effective Therapist Directory include everything you would expect, plus standardized ICCE reporting metrics, the ones that are easiest for potential clients to appraise: Number of Clients, Average Number of Sessions, Pre-Post Effect Size and % of Clients Reaching Target.


Straight From the Source

Cindy Hansen, CFT is dedicated to helping mental health service providers reach their goal of helping more people, more often.  She works feedback-informed, and takes all feedback she receives seriously.

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Below are reviews given by leading

Certified International Center for Clinical Excellence Trainers and Practitioners

"Cindy has done amazing work in this area and understands the processes of feedback-informed treatment inside and out.Besides all that, she is wonderful to work with."

David Prescott​

Director of Acquisitions and Training at Safer Society Press

Co-Author of Feedback-Informed Treatment in Clinical Practice:

Reaching for Excellence

Edited by David S. Prescott, LICSWCynthia L. Maeschalck, MA, CCC, and Scott D. Miller, PhD

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