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Advancing Outcome Informed Therapy

Welcome to our community dedicated to advancing outcome informed therapy! Our goal is to provide valuable insights and resources to help therapists improve their practice and achieve better outcomes for their clients. We invite you to subscribe to our blog and join the conversation by sharing our posts on social media. Together, we can make a positive impact on the mental health industry.

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Join our FIT Pro Development Community

People seeking mental health support have better outcomes when they get to talk about what is important to them. FIT practitioners check into this every session and use a session rating scale to help keep therapy on track. Develop your FIT Skills at

Are you a mental health professional looking to elevate your skills and make a real difference in the lives of your clients? Want to connect with other professionals in the community for support, referrals and networking? Look no further than the engaging live group and self-paced training available through CindyHansenCFT. Since our founding, we’ve strived to create the perfect virtual experience for all our users.


You’re invited to join our FIT Pro Development Community.

Get fast answers to your questions; get peer support for any challenge you're facing; and get help troubleshooting your unique challenges.


As a mental health professional, you have a unique ability to make a difference in the world by minimizing your clients suffering. This is an opportunity to provide your clients and yourself with a chance to transform their lives using proven and accessible tools. Whether you want to hone your existing skills or learn something completely new, can provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.

Join the FIT Pro Development Community and start helping more clients, more often. Discover internationally recognized tools and a format based on common factors science, that will help you & your clients experience more ease, & wellbeing during and after the therapeutic process. This international online community of practice offers:

  • Cutting-edge research translated into practical step-by-step instructions.

  • That walks you through the process of using FIT and Deliberate Practice in your setting.

  • Includes a series of quizzes at the end of each module, to make sure you master each section before you move on

  • Join a world-wide collaboration and exchange ideas and learn from other clinical practitioners, healthcare managers, educators, and leading researchers on how to use FIT to help more clients, more often.


Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) is an evidence-based checking in process that helps keep therapy on track.


Extensive research has shown that FIT is a proven way to improve outcomes and reduce dropouts. Studied with diverse populations and popularized for the established benefits seen in many treatment settings including:

  • Private practice (Moss, 2017)

  • Agencies and clinical settings (Jenkins, 2017)

  • Group therapy (Seidel, 2017)

  • Addiction treatment agencies (Robinson, 2017)

  • Agencies serving children, youth, and families (Bertolino, 2017)

  • The criminal justice system (Prescott, 2017)

With FIT you'll have the tools to deepen your connection with your clients, make a difference in the world, & improve your confidence as a mental health professional.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to develop your FIT skills and elevate your therapy practice.


Included in your membership is training on how to fortify your one-on-one work with clients, as well as learn how to offer it online and in groups.


Learn the principles, theory, and application of Feedback-Informed Treatment, with lectures and demonstrations by world renowned psychologist and researcher, Scott D. Miller, and our colleagues at the International Center for Clinical Excellence.

The FIT Pro Development training not only includes materials to read, engaging lectures and demonstrations to watch, you're also going to be collaborating with peers from around the world as you move through these 12 standardized lessons. It's an interactive experience, we haven't simply translated the FIT manuals into text on your computer screen. You're going to really interact with the material and enjoy learning as you become a FIT Pro.

In this training you will learn how to incorporate FIT into your professional practice to fortify your one-on-one work with clients, as well as learn how to offer it online and in groups. Catering to multiple levels of interest, you can watch videos and take the quiz to test your knowledge or go deep and engage in all the recommended activities. Whether you’re an individual practitioner or part of an agency, begin applying FIT to your practice immediately.


Learn the latest advancements in Feedback-Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice in a private FIT Pro Development Community with unlimited live support. Your monthly membership includes:

  • Feedback-Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice Training

  • Recorded lectures from Scott D. Miller, Founder of the ICCE

  • Proven FIT Practitioner Development Activities & Exercises

  • Videos of FIT Best Practice Demonstrations

  • FIT Implementation videos and guides

  • Exclusive Interviews with experts on how to use the FIT software systems

  • Unlimited Access to Live support from ICCE Trainer, Cindy Hansen

  • Access to a Private FIT Pro Development Community

  • Free Public or Members only listing on the Effective Therapist Directory

  • Digital credentials for ICCE certified FIT Trainers and Practitioners

  • Save money on FIT and Deliberate Practice tools, books and events


Invest in structured online training in Feedback-Informed Treatment with Scott D. Miller, Cindy Hansen and other ICCE certified Trainers. Join the FIT Pro Development Community today for only $10.00 (CAN). Your rate will never increase and you can cancel at any time.


Access member benefits by logging into from your computer or download the Space by Wix app from the Google Play or App Store

and enter the invite code: ZXCRIV


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