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Advancing Outcome Informed Therapy

Welcome to our community dedicated to advancing outcome informed therapy! Our goal is to provide valuable insights and resources to help therapists improve their practice and achieve better outcomes for their clients. We invite you to subscribe to our blog and join the conversation by sharing our posts on social media. Together, we can make a positive impact on the mental health industry.

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“…,it's a challenge to implement a practice that embraces the client who give less than stellar ratings and create opportunities to actively seek out critique. Replacing the celebration of a 5-star review with a focus seeking critical feedback is a challenge and takes practice. Practitioners who ask their clients for critical feedback and are committed to a culture of continuous improvement are proven to have lower no-show rates, increased client satisfaction and better

This quote is from a post I just read about creating a culture of feedback by Leigh Couture, CFT.

I would agree that one of the biggest hurdles in implementing Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) is receiving negative feedback from someone you are trying earnestly to help.

Let’s face it, five gold stars feels better.

When your client gives you a signal that they did not feel heard and understood, it can be difficult to receive that feedback and just as difficult to know what to do with it. Receiving constructive feedback from your clients was probably not taught to you in grad school, it was not practiced in your practicum. What was taught, what you were conditioned to strive for, was five-star ratings. It’s why creating a feedback culture can seem so challenging.

Simply put, successfully collecting progress and alliance ratings is easy, making meaningful use of the data is not.

That is why I am so grateful that the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) has begun offering a Certified FIT Practitioner (CFP) designation. The ICCE CFP process provides you with the most comprehensive, evidence-based skillset for measuring and improving your therapeutic results. Certification as a FIT practitioner is less onerous and expensive than becoming a CFT and only requires the completion of one FIT introductory course and 2 ICCE intensive trainings, but it will make a world of difference for anyone who has been led to believe that just by faithfully having clients complete the Outcome and Session Rating Scales (ORS & SRS) that they are going to improve outcomes and reduce complaints.

I have begun offering a free Fit Basics course that is available on demand and includes a weekly live discussion, a great first step for anyone exploring the use of Measures to inform and improve care.


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