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Advancing Outcome Informed Therapy

Welcome to our community dedicated to advancing outcome informed therapy! Our goal is to provide valuable insights and resources to help therapists improve their practice and achieve better outcomes for their clients. We invite you to subscribe to our blog and join the conversation by sharing our posts on social media. Together, we can make a positive impact on the mental health industry.

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Does Therapy Work?

Today is the first lesson of my newly launched, FIT Basics Training Series.

A brief weekly teaching on Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT). It starts with something I know speaks to the core of every talk therapist. Questions you have about “Is it working?”

Does what you do really make a difference in the lives of the people you serve?

Scott D. Miller, founder of the International Centre for Clinical Excellence, has spent the better part of his career travelling the world, talking to counsellors and investigating the common factors of effective therapy. When he asks a room full of therapists the question, “Does therapy work?”

What do you think would be the most common response?

To find out, watch this brief clip from FIT e-Learning, a training program Scott D. Miller, Cynthia Maeschalck and I, created with the Team at MyOutcomes a few years ago.

FIT Basics is a brief weekly "How to" for anyone interested in exploring how psychotherapy outcome measures can help:

  • strengthen client engagement

  • reduce complaints and dropouts

  • increase successful outcomes

Whether you’re an individual practitioner or part of a larger organization, these brief weekly trainings can help you develop a culture of feedback and incorporates the Outcome and Session Rating Scales (ORS & SRS) into your clinical practice.


Join the live session, Thursdays at noon Pacific


Download the FIT Basics App

to access and complete lessons

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