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Feedback-Informed Treatment & Deliberate Practice Training & Implementation Support 

Our training packages keeping you up-to-date with the latest research and give you the skills you need to help more clients, more often. 


FIT Pro Development Training is a series of trainings on Feedback-informed Treatment (FIT) core competencies curated by Measurement-based Care expert and Certified FIT Trainer, Cindy Hansen. FIT is a patient-centric practice recognized by SAMHSA. FIT practitioners gather feedback data from clients using standardized outcome and session rating scales to identify what is and is not working in therapy. Feedback-Informed Treatment and its many iterations have come to be recognized as best practices, because they produce better results.

"Keep doing whatever is working but know that if you increase your FIT skills, it’s going to start showing up in really gratifying ways." Cindy Hansen, CFT

The FIT Pro Development Training was designed to help highlight both your strengths and weaknesses, to identify what you've learned well and where you can learn a little bit more. There are not only materials to read, engaging lectures and demonstrations to watch, you're also going to be collaborating with peers from around the world. 

Promote your practice and connect with peers  

Join the Effective Therapist Directory

The Effective Therapist Directory promotes practice-based evidence. Profiles in the Effective Therapist Directory include everything you would expect, plus standardized ICCE reporting metrics, the ones that are easiest for potential clients to appraise: Number of Clients, Average Number of Sessions, Pre-Post Effect Size and % of Clients Reaching Target.


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